Keep ALL Tags when transcoding

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Keep ALL Tags when transcoding

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Thanks you for this program.

However, I have an issue when transcoding my tagged files (usually mp3 to m4a), I'm not sure if this is a bug of if this could be a feature request.

Currently, XRecode keeps the main tags, but delete the rest (such as embedded song lyrics and more obscure tag fields), which is an issue for me as I rely a lot on personal tags stored in those fields.
I usually manually populate those lesser known ID3 tags fields using Mp3Tag or MusicBee, while the song lyrics are already embedded in the files, which is pretty common from songs bought on Bandcamp.

Among other things, transcoding from mp3 to m4a removes the songs lyrics in the UNSYNCEDLYRICS tag, and remove the following ID3 tags that I rely a lot on: LYRICIST, GROUPING, NETRADIOSTATION, NETRADIOOWNER.

I've tried playing with XRecode's metadata options but it doesn't change anything.
Is there a way to force the program to save all tags of a file, or could this be a potential feature?

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Re: Keep ALL Tags when transcoding

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Could you, please, send one of those mp3 files to

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