What's new in XRECODE3

XRECODE3 compared to XRECODE2.
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What's new in XRECODE3

Postby admin » Fri Sep 25, 2015 7:55 pm

  • Native 64bit support.
  • Added support for DSD/DST and DFF decoding (as files or as SACD ISOs).
  • Added support to extract track from SACD ISO as DFF or DST.
  • Added support to merge SACD/DST/DFF files to DFF/DST formats without transcoding.
  • Added option to extract audio without transcoding.
  • Added option to encode several files to one multi-channel file.
  • Added option to split file into individual track-per-channel for all available output formats.
  • Added option to merge files per folder.
  • Output and Metadata settings are now output format specific.
  • Enhanced Metadata settings.
  • Added support for multiple Cover pictures in Metadata editor.
  • Added 32bit int/float output for formats which support them (e.g. WAV).
  • Added dithering option in Output Settings.
  • Added option to use EBUR128 in Normalize.
  • Added option to Album Mode Normalize.
  • Added option to configure Matrices under Output Settings.
  • Added more output file pattern elements.
  • Tabbed UI.
  • CUE files are now displayed more nicely.
  • Enhanced Shell Extension.

Please see http://xrecode.com/xrecode3/wiki for more information.

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