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Merge CUE settings.png

  • Merge without transcoding - when all source files have audio stream in any of those formats, program will extract and merge those files without transcoding. This way no quality will be lost during the process.
    • Please note, that if merge is not possible (e.g. files have different number of channels), transcode will be performed instead.
  • Always transcode - files will always be transcoded.
  • Split into file per channel - files will be merged via transcoding into separate file per channel.
  • Create CUE file - CUE file will be created.
  • Embed CUE - CUE will be embedded into output file. This option work for FLAC, WavPack and APE.
  • Reuse original CUE if possible - if files were added using CUE, then program will try to re-use contents of that CUE file when creating the new one.

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