Extracting tracks from DSF files

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Extracting tracks from DSF files

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In some albums that I receive as separate files per album side (for example, Side 1.dsf, Side 2.dsf), I cannot extract individual tracks as delineated by the cue file. I select Encode as DSD and I get each named track but the file created is the exact same as the original ( Side 1.dsf). So in a side with 4 tracks, and the original is 1.5G, I get 4 1.5G files. Each containing the entire album side. This has happened multiple times on different albums. I can select to encode as Wavpack (and get the individual tracks) but I believe I am not getting the original format but a conversion. I would like to preserve the original format if possible. I can provide you with an example if necessary.
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Re: Extracting tracks from DSF files

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Please send the example to xrecode@gmail.com.
You could use https://wetransfer.com
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