Quad to DTS

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Quad to DTS

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I am converting a Quadio title to DTS using Xrecode and Surcode. I used to use Audiomuxer, but Xrecode is so much faster and doesn't have the weird errors that Audiomuxer sometimes gets. BUT... When it comes to Quad releases, the channels get sent to the wrong channels in Surcode. I've tried using the Matrices, but that doesn't seem to affect Surcode at all. When I run it, the channels that are sent to Surcode are LF, RF, C and LFE. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
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Re: Quad to DTS

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Here's an update to try https://xrecode.com/test/setup_xrecode3 ... _1.139.exe
XRECODE 3 [64-bit] - 1.139 [Beta 2023-10-23/2315]
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