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Don't overwrite folders / Stop or Cancel if folder already exists

Posted: Tue Mar 09, 2021 5:33 pm
by 1024mb
Could this be implemented?

I have most of the times to check if the directory where I'm encoding the files already exists so the files doesn't overwrite, it would be great if XR could check that automatically, only the last directory where the files are to be created should be checked so if I have:

%albumartist%\%year% %album%\%title%

XR should check only if a directory with the values of %year% %album% exists and stop the encode if it is present. I know that the option "When output file exists" is available but there are times where one album has been released multiple times with multiple editions so i.e if the album "The Poison" that has been released in multiple formats is added into XR queue by the pattern given before it will output the files in "Bullet for My Valentine\2005 The Poison" where the option to skip the already existing files is not useful as the Vinyl version and the CD version doesn't have the same track titles and the track numbering isn't the same either (CD is 01, 02... and Vinyl is side A1, A2, B1...) so file collision is not as likely to happen.