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Metadata settings can be set on a global level (Under Settings/Metadata) or for each output format individually. Below are Metadata Settings for MP3.
File:Metadata settings.png

  • Override settings - enable override of the global settings.
  • Save tags in output file - whether metadata (only tags, not covers) will be saved in output file.
  • Save covers in output file - whether covers will be saved in output file.
    • Save only front cover - only 1st cover will be transferred to the output file.
  • Save front cover in file - name of the file where Front cover will be saved.
  • Save other covers in file - name pattern of the file where other covers will be saved (%d will be replaced with the cover number).
    • Number of other covers to save in file - specify number of other (excluding front) covers to be saved.
  • Resize covers to - specify width and/or height for covers to be resized to.
  • Always use this file as a cover - specify file, which will be used as a front cover.
    • Only when cover is missing - if checked, existing cover won't be overwritten.
  • Front cover - file name for the front cover to be used. File name can contain template elements, such as %date%, %album%, etc. which will be replaced using metadata of the current file.
  • Back cover - see Front Cover.
  • Tags replace definition file - see Tags replace definition file
    • Apply automatically - tags will be replaced automatically
  • Save tags in code page - specify code page to be used when saving tags. This option is available for MP3 and WAV only.

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