352.4 and 384 Khz PCM conversions

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352.4 and 384 Khz PCM conversions

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Would it be possible to allow manual settings for 352.8 Khz and 384 KHz ?

I feel that DSD will be (and is now) a format that will be less and less supported physically (multichannel DSD over HDMI support for example is scarce), so converting it to the best PCM format today is a reasonable option.

PCM DXD is now most of the time the format used for recording and mixing HQ recordings. And it become quite a common format on moderately priced audio ASIO interfaces. (we can even see double DXD on some audio interfaces appearing on the market...)

DSD has inherent problems for mixing, processing, levels management, silence noises, clicks during converter mode changes, conversion noise, scarce or inexisting analysis and measure tools, bugs inside hardware multimedia players (even leader manufacturer ones) making it very difficult to use practically.

The only situation where DSD could be better is for direct recordings, straight from an analog mixing console or even better straight from a set of two microphones, when there is no post processing. In real life something very rare and restricted to jazz and classical music.
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Re: 352.4 and 384 Khz PCM conversions

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384 Khz was already there, I also added 352.4 Khz.
Please install the latest beta version - viewtopic.php?f=12&t=40
It is available under WAV Settings https://imgur.com/WeE2XfF
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