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Settings cue.png

  • Ask to use embedded CUE - when audio file contains embedded CUE, program automatically uses it, unless this setting is off. It can be turned off when it is needed to transcode the whole file to a different format without splitting it into tracks.
  • Use metadata from CUE file only - do not read metadata from audio files, which were added via CUE file.
  • Replace " with “ and ” when saving - replace double quoted with “ and ” when saving CUE to file. It is needed to work around CUE file double-quote handling limitation. If this is turned off, double quoted will be left as is and that might create compatibility problems with other programs.
  • Use BOM when saving CUE - save file using BOM (Byte Order mark). Some programs required it. Normally you should not enable it.
  • Ignore missing audio files - ignore when audio file from CUE is missing. Warning will still be issued, though.
  • Save CUE backups in - folder where to save CUE file backups. Used when CUE file is saved from Metadata editor. If no folder is specified, no backup is made.

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