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Command line parameters are only supported by the console version of XRECODE3.


Usage: <input> <dest> <parameters> <output>

/i             - Files to add. Wildcards are supported. If /r is used, files from sub-folders will be added as well.
/r             - Files from sub-folders will be added as well (used together with /i).
/dest          - Output format (mp3, ogg, flac, m4a, dsd64, dsd128, etc.) or copy to just copy files to the destination folder by applying file name pattern.
/o             - Output path.
/exclude x     - file name to exclude (can contain * and ?, case does not matter).  Several /exclude parameters can be passed.

/dsdft         - Output file type for DSD (dff or dsf).

/preset n      - Use preset (where it's applicable, e.g. mp3). 
/quality n     - Quality parameter for Ogg.
/compression n - Compression for flac (0 to 8, where 0 is "uncompressed").
/cbr           - Use CBR (e.g. 160, 192, 320, etc. Also used as CBR Max parameter).
/vbr           - Use VBR (e.g. 160, 192, 320, etc. also used as VBR Max parameter).
/vbrmin        - VBR Min parameter (e.g. 160, 192, 320, etc.).
/js            - Use Joint Stereo (for mp3 only).
/dc            - Use Dual Channel (for mp3 only).
/maxng         - Apply Max Noclip Gain (for mp3 only).

/merge         - Merge files (using merge per folder).
/mergenbf      - Merge files (not using merge per folder).
/split         - Split into file per channel.
/one           - Encode to one multi-channel file.
/tc            - Always transcode (e.g. when merging MP3 files).
/nocue         - Do not create CUE file.

/temp          - Custom temporary files folder (e.g. c:\tempfolder).
/pp n          - Number of Cores/CPUs to use (all will be used by default).
/recycle       - Move source files to Recycle Bin when done.
/delete        - Delete source files when done. USE WITH CAUTION!

/usesource     - Add all source folders to the output path (cannot be used together with source* or skip* parameters).
/sourceb  n    - Number source folders (from the beginning) to include.
/sourcee  n    - Number source folders (from the end) to include.
/skipb    n    - Number source folders (from the beginning) to skip.
/skipe    n    - Number source folders (from the end) to skip.
/createinsrc   - Create files in source folder.

/sr            - Output sample rate.
/c             - Output channels.
/b             - Output bits per sample (16, 24, 32 or 32i). 32 is for 32bitfloat, 32i for 32bitint.
/as n          - Specify which audio stream to use. Only usable for files with several audio streams.
                 By default first one is used. Please note that index of the first audio stream is 1.

/n             - Normalize audio (by default EBUR128 method is used).
/na            - Normalize audio in album mode.
/nafa          - Each folder is album (only works with -na).
/nsit          - Save normalization values in Tags (can only be used together with -n).
                 When this parameter is used and no destination is specified, no transcode will be performed. 
/nsaa          - Apply normalization to audio (can only be used together with -n).
/nrg           - Use ReplayGain as a method
/nrgl n        - Target dB level (89 by default) for ReplayGain.
/nebl "nnn"    - Target level (multiplied by 10) for EBUR128 (-180 by default). Value must be put in quotes, e.g. /nebl "-165", which then will be used as -16.5

/sacdarea   n  - SACD ISO area to use (s for stereo, m for multi-channel, b for both).
/sacdvolume n  - SACD ISO volume in dB (from 0 to 6).
/sacdas     x  - Extract SACD as (DFF, DSF or ASIS). 
/dop           - Use DSD-over-PCM (DoP) (for WAV as a destination only).
/pad        x  - Remove clicks when decoding SACD via padding samples (e.g. /pad "50/50").

/remsilence1   - Remove silence from the beginning of the track.
/remsilence2   - Remove silence from the end of the track.
/st            - Silence threshold  (0-32767). Default is 500.

/sbt n         - Split input file by time (in milliseconds).
/sbs           - Split input file by silence.
/sbst          - Silence threshold  (0-32767). Default is 500.

/limitbyd      - Limit by duration (in milliseconds).
/mcmd          - Specify manual command line for external encoder (e.g. for mp3 /mcmd "-V0").

/encoderexe    - Specify the executable for the encoder.

/owav          - Use wav as output file extension.
/fileexists  n - How to handle existing output file, where n is:
                 0 = Overwrite (default)
                 1 = Overwrite when source file is newer
                 2 = Rename existing file to .bak<n>
                 3 = Add a numeric suffix <_n> to the new file's name
                 4 = Skip

/pt            - Preserve timestamps of files and folders.

/skipbadframes - Skip bad frames when decoding. Warning will be given, if any was skipped. Off by default.

/buffersize   - Set encoding buffer size used by external exe encoder. Value is in KB, e.g. 64 means 64K.

/onthefly     - Use on-the-fly encoding method (see

/uselib       - Use dll encoder (currently for Ogg only).
/useexe       - Use exe encoder (when it's configured in settings.ini).

/pfilename    - Set output file name pattern for the destination.

/preferredcodecs - Set preferred source file codecs. If codec of the source file does not match one from the list, file will be skipped.
                   Value can contain several comma delimited values. In this case codes will be evaluated in the specified order.
                   Example1: if value is set to mlp,pcm and there are source files with mlp and pcm codecs, only the mlp files will be processed.
                   Example2: if value is set to mlp and there are no source files with mlp codecs, no files will be processed.
/scandts         - Scan WAV files for DTS stream.

/nochapters      - Ignore input file chapters.

Metadata parameters:
/nometa             - Do not save Metadata in output file (including covers).
/createcue          - Create CUE file.
/embedcue           - Embed CUE into output file (if supported).
/createm3u          - Create m3u playlist.
/nocovers           - Do not save cover(s) in output file.
/onlyfirst          - Save only first cover in output file, i.e. if source file contains more than one cover, only the 1st one will be saved in the output file.
/coverfilename      - File name template to save cover(s) to, e.g. /coverfilename "%album%_%albumartist%", /coverfilename "folder"
/firstcoverfilename - File name template to save only first cover to, e.g. /coverfilename "%album%_%albumartist%", /coverfilename "folder"
/usecuemetaonly     - Use metadata from CUE file only.
/nsec               - Do not search for external metadata (i.e. in files like cover.jpg, etc.).
/tr                 - Tagsreplaxe file name.

/retrievemeta       - Retrieve Metadata from internet.

/matrix             - Set output matrix, e.g. FL:0,1;FR:1,0 to exchange left and right channels of a stereo file.

/rename             - Rename files using pattern.

/exportmeta  /o <filename>  - Export Metadata to file <filename>.
/exportmeta  /ec /o <path>  - Export only Covers to the specified path. Covers will be saved as a JPEG files. You can use /pfilename to specify the name of the cover.
/importmeta  <filename>     - Import Metadata from file <filename>.

Dash (-) and forward slash (/) both can be used to specify parameters, e.g. both /i and -i are valid.
If sample rate, channels or bits per sample are too large for the specified format,
maximum possible value will be used instead.

Use --ansi-output parameter if you want to forward program's output to a file. Errors will be written to the StdErr.

To display information about file(s) use -i parameter only.


Output information about file:
   -i c:\files\00001.m2ts

Convert wav files (including sub-folders) to mp3:
   -i c:\files\*.wav /r -o c:\output /dest mp3

Convert wav files (including sub-folders) to mp3 using joint-stereo: 
   -i c:\files\*.wav /r -o c:\output /dest mp3 /cbr 320 /js
Convert wav files (including sub-folders) to mp3 using VBR method:   
   -i c:\files\*.wav /r -o c:\output /dest mp3 /vbrmin 64 /vbrmax 320
Convert wav files (including sub-folders) to mp3 using preset 5:      
   -i c:\files\*.wav /r -o c:\output /dest mp3 /preset 5

Convert wav files (including sub-folders) to mp3 using VBR 192:       
   -i c:\files\*.wav /r -o c:\output /dest mp3 /vbr 192
Convert wav files (including sub-folders) to ogg using quality/preset 5:
   -i c:\files\*.wav /r -o c:\output /dest ogg /quality 5

Convert wav files (including sub-folders) to ogg using CBR 160:       
   -i c:\files\*.wav /r -o c:\output /dest ogg /cbr 160
Convert wav files to flac using 96000 as output sample rate and 24-bit as output sample format:
   -i c:\files\*.wav -o "c:\output with spaces" /dest flac /b 24 -sr 96000

Convert wav files to flac, using 96000 as output sample rate and 24bit as output sample format. Also analyse Replay Gain and apply to output audio:
   -i c:\files\*.wav -o c:\output /dest flac /b 24 /sr 96000 /n /nsaa
Convert wav files to mp3 by applying matrix to the audio to swap left and right channels:    
   -i c:\files\*.wav -o c:\output /dest mp3 /matrix "FL:0,1;FR:1,0"
Convert several wav files to one flac file:
   -i c:\files\*.wav -o "c:\output" /dest flac /one

Convert wav files (including sub-folders) to mp3. Normal output is redirected to file names process, error output is redirected to file named errors:
   -i c:\files\*.wav /r -o c:\output /dest mp3 --ansi-output 1>process 2>errors
Rename added files:
   -i c:\files\*.mp3 /rename "%track2%. %title%"

Convert CUE image to mp3 by specifying custom file name pattern:
   -i c:\files\one.cue /dest mp3 /pfilename "%albumartist%\%album%\%track2%. %title%"
Extract SACD as DSF:
   -i c:\files\sacd.iso /sacdas dff /dest extract /o c:\output
Compress to flac using compression level 3    
   -i c:\files\*.wav -o c:\output /dest flac /compression 3
Compress to flac uncompressed
   -i c:\files\*.wav -o c:\output /dest flac /compression 0
Convert flac files (including sub-folders) to mp3 and excludinf some file name:   
   -i c:\files\*.flac /r -o c:\output /dest mp3 /exclude *HTOA*
Convert flac files to mp3 by passing manual command line to lame encoder:   
   -i c:\files\*.flac /r -o c:\output /dest mp3 /mcmd "--preset extreme"

Copy mp3 files to folder by applying file name pattern:   
   -i c:\files\*.mp3 -o c:\output /dest copy /pfilename "%albumartist%\%album%\%track2%. %title%"
Convert SACD iso files to dts using wav as extension, using external encoder and removing clicks:   
   -i c:\files\some.iso -o c:\output /dest dts /encoderexe "c:\dts\surcodedts.exe" /owav /pad "50/50"

Normalize files and save the information in tags (no transcoding).
   -i c:\files\*.flac /n /nsit

Specifying external executable files

It is possible to specify location of external encoder files using settings.ini file. For example, if console executable is located in folder c:\xr3console, file named settings.ini must be put in a folder c:\xr3console\portable\console\settings\x86 for 32-bit executable, or c:\xr3console\portable\console\settings\x64 for a 64-bit executable.

  • settings.ini must contain definition for executables like this (you only need to specify ones you want to use)

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