Extract Settings

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  • Add RIFF header for DTS files - RIFF header will be added to the DTS file (some program require this).
  • Use WAV as output file extension for DTS files - output files will have WAV extension.
  • Extract SACD as:
    • DFF - Tracks will be extracted as DFF (DST encoded tracks will be decoded to DSD).
    • DSF - Tracks will be extracted as DSF (DST encoded tracks will be decoded to DSD). In DSF bytes must be organized into a certain sized blocks and when there's not enough bytes for the last block of the file, the block is padded with zeroes and that might cause the loud click for some players.
    • DSD/DST - Tracks will be extracted by preserving the encoding of the SACD (e.g. DSD or DST).
  • Please note. If your player supports the DFF files, it is highly recommended to always use the DFF format as it is written as 1:1 from the SACD without any padding. It also has the full Metadata support.

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