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  • Use tabs - enable/disable tabbed UI.
  • Confirm program exit - program will ask for confirmation on exit.
  • Confirm cancel - program will ask for confirmation when process is cancelled.
  • Delete created folders/files when process is cancelled - all created files and/or folders will be deleted when process is cancelled.
  • Open output folder after conversion - output folder will be opened in file explorer when all processes are completed.
  • Close program when done - program will be closed when all processes are completed.
  • Always on top - program will be kept on top of the other.
  • Allow multiple program instances - when enabled, multiple instance of program can be started. Also, when adding files from Shell, they will be added to the new instance of then program. When disabled, only one instance is allowed. When files are sent from Shell, they will be added to that one instance (if it's not busy).
  • Language - change language.
  • Success sound - will be played when there were no errors during the process.
  • Error sound - will be played in case of an error during the process.
  • Check updates on startup - program will check for updated version once a day.
    • Check for beta versions - enable this, if you want to get access to beta versions (sometimes might be unstable) of the program.
  • Export - export program's settings to a zip file.
  • Import - import program's settings from a zip file.

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