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  • When output file exists
    • Overwrite - existing output file will always be overwritten.
    • Overwrite when source file is newer - file will be processed only if it's newer than already existing output file (or output file does not exist).
    • Rename existing file to .bak<n> - existing file will be rename to, e.g. file.bak, file.bak1, etc.
    • Add a numeric suffix <_n> to the new file's name - existing file won't be overwritten, the new one will be created with a _n suffix, e.g. file_1.mp3, file_2.mp3, etc.
  • Automatically start process after files were added - program will start to process added files after they are added. If "Automatically retrieve CD info from internet" was enabled under CD. Metadata information will be asked first, and process will be started when OK is pressed.
  • Preserve timestamp of files and folders - time stamps of existing files and folders will be preserved.
  • Warn when trying to convert lossy to lossless - useful when adding lot's of files mixed types via drag & drop (or via shell). Program will ask to confirm whether to continue, when trying to convert lossy (mp3, ogg, etc.) files to lossless (wav, flac, aiff, alac, etc.).
  • Shutdown PC when done - shutdown/hybernate or sleep PC when process is done.
  • Maximum number of cores to use - specify number of cores to use.
  • Priority - priority of the program.
  • Temp folder - by default program uses system's temporary folder, but if needed, a custom one can be set up.

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